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What can I do to pass the Real Estate License Course and License State Exam? (Part 1)

- Dec 19, 2017      Archive

Part I: Know the Definitions of Key terms:
As owner of Cooke Real Estate School I reviewed hundreds of students' end-of-course exams and one item that really pops out to me is students need to correctly answer the easy questions on the course exam and state exam. When a student does fail the student usually only missed passing by one to six questions to reach the passing grade. When you review the questions the student actually missed, it invariably is just a handful of the easy questions in the exam and if they had got them right they would have passed.

The frustrating part for a real estate school owner is those few questions they missed that dropped the student into failing category are what I call an "easy question". All exams have hard questions and easy questions and knowing the key terms definitions are essential for one wanting obtaining real estate license. Knowing the definitions will greatly improve one's chances for success.

Cooke Real Estate School puts a lot of emphasis in our courses to help students find success on the definition of key terms by providing matching assessment exercise in each session, and a flash card interactive exercise for the key terms for each chapter/session in the course.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School