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What can I do to pass the Real Estate License Course and License State Exam? (Part 2)

- Dec 22, 2017      Archive

Part 2:  Read the Question – To Understand What is Being Asked
Besides needing to get a better handle on definitions of key terms, reading each question thoroughly and understanding what is being asked is so important in ones quest to pass the exam.   Questions with the words: FALSE, LEAST, TRUE, NOT, BEST, EXCEPT, MOST, etc., the student needs to read more than once.   
Students are anxious and miss the fact that out of the four selections they are NOT looking for the correct answer they are looking for the least correct answer.  This is difficult, for students read a question and think they know the answer but out of the four selections three items are probably somewhat correct and one is not, but the student jumps at the first items in the question that they associated with the stem of the question. 
How do we get over this hurdle because as a student you are nervous, anxious and apprehensive?  The best way is to practice answering questions, where you can analysis why you missed questions and why you got questions right. 
Taking exams is just like a pitcher getting ready pitch an important baseball game for his team.  He pitches and pitches to get the feel of the game and to get the confidence to succeed.  Taking practice exams is what successful licensees do.
This is one reason why Cooke Real Estate School provides all real estate license courses with supplemental materials that provide hundreds of exam questions in all our real estate courses.

Practice make success!