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What can I do to pass the Real Estate License Course and License State Exam? (Part 3)

- Dec 23, 2017      Archive

Part 3: Preparing for the State Exam

The biggest hurdle in obtaining a real estate license is not passing the required prelicense course, but passing the required State Exam.  The required pass rate for passing the course varies state to state but in most states the required passing score on the end-of-course exam is 70% to 75%.  Students that score in the seventies on the end-of-course exam, their chances for passing the state exam are problematic. 
It is important to note that most states do publish the overall a pass-fail rate on the state exam.  (Most regulatory agencies do not publish each school’s pass-fail rate.)  Unfortunately, overall the pass-fail rate for most states on the real estate state exam is about 50% pass and 50% fail.
So the question becomes how do I get in the right side of the 50%:   I am now preparing to take the state exam, where should put most of my study effort to pass the exam?   All states today have contracted with a national exam provider who has set up locations across the individual states for students to take the required exam.  All of these exam providers have published either in paper or digitally a “Candidate Handbook” which explains the exam process.
Here is the good news.  In all the “Candidate Handbooks” there is a detailed content outline with the number of questions coming from each subject in the outline.  Most outlines break it down to give students a real handle on where to concentrate their study.
Our school provides a paper version of the “Candidate Handbook” because of its importance.  Even though we provide this important document, students many times fail to read it.

If you fail, some of the national exam providers allow you to review your exam.  There is usually a fee for this but this can help.  Many states also allow you to retake the state exam as many times as you want.  Of course there is a fee each time so just communicate with your exam provider to see what options you have.