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What can I do to pass the Real Estate License Course and License State Exam? (Part 4)

- Dec 27, 2017      Archive

Part 4: The time issue between Course and State Exam:

As we all know, passing the state exam is the educational hurdle students have in their effort to obtain licensure.

A study was done by Daniel Combs, PhD, Psychometrician, with the Florida's Bureau of Education Testing. Dr. Combs found that there was definitely a diminution of exam performance as the function of the interval between of one completing the pre-license education course and, taking the state exam. Statistically significant differences are present, however, between all of the other interval groupings, show that the shorter intervals are associated with higher scores. Apparently, over time, people forget things, or they become confused over concepts and principles that were pretty clear earlier.

Florida publishes the number of applicants each month that took the state exam called "First Time Takers" and publishes the percentage that passed and the percentage that failed. Each month the numbers are almost always close to 50% passing and 50% failing. Another category is called "Repeaters", which are students that are taking the exam over again, maybe many times over again. The passing percentages don't waver much from month to month either, with 30% passing and 70% failing.

So the objective here is for students to take the exam as quickly possible after they have passed the prelicense course. Each state has their own rules and regulation regarding the application process, so students need to check with their state exam provider's "Candidate Handbook" to see if they can apply to take the state exam before one successfully complete the required prelicense course.

Another area of concern is that many times students register for a course and complete a portion of the course but then don't touch the course again for couple of months or longer. When the student finally gets back into the course, we have found that students don't remember a large percentage content of the course they previously had covered.

The goal is for students wanting to acquire a real estate license is to not stop with their course until you pass the course exam and the state exam because if you so take long breaks with the course the chances for obtaining a real state license diminishes rapidly.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School