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What is Happening At Cooke Real Estate School?

- Jun 01, 2010      Archive

First half of 2010 is over and Cooke Real Estate School continues to move forward in its effort to expand it streaming video pre-license course platform into to other states. Since January, Cooke has expanded with its streaming video platform into Alabama, Wisconsin and North Dakota. Currently Cooke has had pre-license streaming video pre-license course approvals in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and West Virginia.

Presently Cooke is close to having completed the Montana 60 hour pre-license video streaming course. Also in the approval process is the West Virginia ARELLO certification which was recently required by the West Virginia Real Estate Commission.

Cooke is looking at moving into South Dakota, Nebraska and Virginia in the very near future.

Also Cooke Real Estate School is the first school in the state of Florida to be able to offer the 14 Hour Florida Continue Education For Real Estate Professionals textbook to students in a PDF format. This allows the school to pass on saving to the student. The course tuition fee is a low $12.95. Plus, with the PDF course textbook, the students still have the benefits of the course presentations by streaming video by two presenters.

We at Cooke Real Estate School feel that video streaming is by far the best online platform available in the market place because of the platformÂ’s ability to give the auditory and visual learner the best opportunity to learn the material. Plus, with Cooke's policy of providing the textbook with all streaming video courses, it gives the students all they need to succeed in the course.

Frank L. Cooke, Jr.
Cooke Real Estate School