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What is New at Cooke Real Estate School

- Jul 20, 2010      Archive

Well the first half of 2010 is gone and as we look backward and forward, we see lots of hope in the real estate school industry. In our biggest state, Florida, the numbers of new applicants increased about 15 to 20% a month comparing 2009 and 2010 through May 31. Now that is a good sign for real estate schools industry! Unfortunately, the June numbers actually drop a little, so is that a sign of things to come as we move into the last half of 2010, let us hope not.

Cooke Real Estate School continues to develop more courses and continues to works towards approvals in various states. With ARELLO approval now completed and certified for the 90 hour principles course, the school development staff is now working on Minnesota, which as of July 1, 2010 is now approving distance education for their 90 hour pre-license course requirement.

Cooke Real Estate School continues to be the one of the major educational providers of certified residential and certified general appraisal courses in Florida. Students come from all over the state, because so many school providers decided not to offer these important courses because of the small numbers of appraisal students. Because of the low number of students entering this important field, the appraisal industry is going to be a wonderful opportunity in the future for the appraisal students of today. We thank our appraisal students for their patronage.

The school continues to get good reviews from students. Our pass rate on the West Virginia state exam is currently 80% and we hope to improve on that percentage in the future. The school continues to upgrade our educational products with the new Modern Real Estate Practice 18th edition textbook and with the new revised PowerPoint presentations being brought on line.

The school has also has improved on the two Florida 30 hour broker post license courses to help students have a better understanding of the materials with a summary exam now included in the courses.

Frank Cooke