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What is New in the Real Estate Education?

- Sep 14, 2010      Archive

Enrollment for pre-license courses has been up for the first five months of the year over last year, but in comparing enrollment from June through August of this year to last year, the numbers have dropped about 10%.

Cooke Real Estate School has seen an increase in the percentage of students taking online courses compared to last year. Cooke's online streaming video course sales compared its synchronous live video conference course enrollments have really increased. Before 2007 when Cooke started with streaming video courses, the percentage of online streaming video students are now 80% of Cooke's business. Plus, Cooke Real Estate School has expanded to other states where now, Cooke's online streaming video programs in other states is around 15% of Cooke’s business.

The number of licensees in Florida taking the pre-license course in August was 1,066 compared to Alabama 86 and West Virginia's 40 students. So one can see the comparison in the number of students in other states compared to Florida's is quite small. Even thought Florida numbers are way off from where Florida was in 2005 and 2006, the number of students taking the pre-license state exam are many times larger many other states.

Another aspect of the real estate school business that has changed over the last five years has been the communication with the state regulators. Now most all the regulatory agencies in the states required schools to record continuing education completions online to the state’s website. This process is much easier for the schools and certainly gives the states a better handle on who has taken the required courses and who has not.

Education in today's real estate business is a fast moving train and there are lots of new courses requirements and regulations that will continue to improve the real estate profession.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School