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What is happening at Cooke Real Estate School?

- Feb 01, 2011      Archive

Cooke Real Estate School is proud of the fact that the school just got our ARELLO recertification for the 60 Hour Real Estate Principles Course. Cooke currently offers the 60 hour principles course in Montana, Alabama, Mississippi and North Dakota. Cooke also has ARELLO approval for the streaming video 90 Hour West Virginia Sales Course. Cooke’s streaming video programs are currently the only video on-demand streaming courses approved by ARELLO.

Cooke is currently putting the finishing touches on the West Virginia 90 hour broker on-demand streaming video course. It will be the only on-demand streaming video broker course in West Virginia and will be available in the 2nd Quarter of 2011.

Based on statistics the school continues to receive from state regulators, the number of students taking licensing state exams continues to lag from previous years. We do believe that, as the market continues to stabilize, the interest in getting a real estate license will improve over the last half of 2011. The real estate industry continues to offer opportunities for licensees, even in a declining market.

Frank L. Cooke, Jr.
Cooke Real Estate School