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What is new at Cooke Real Estate School??

- Aug 03, 2011      Archive

Can’t believe I have had a month go by since my last blog on June 28, how time flies. Since that time we now have 328 people who have been kind enough to click on the “Like Us” link on our Facebook page. Some have also posted some nice comments on our Facebook “Wall” regarding our school, which we very much appreciate.

We have just completed our development of our own Virginia 60 hour streaming course and hope to present it to the Virginia Realty Board later this month. In the meantime, we have moved forward with the development of the Kentucky 90 hour pre-license course. Once we have Kentucky approved and up and running, Cooke School will have a pre-license streaming video course for 10 states including: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, West Virginia, Georgia, North Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Virginia and Kentucky.

Cooke School is currently making efforts for a continuous email marketing campaign. Any emailing a company does comes under the umbrella of ISP’s. E-mail campaigns need to work within the rules, so as we work through getting our word out regarding our wonderful products, an email campaign is a real challenge. As a school, we really have not been communicating enough with our own past students over the years, so we are trying to have a better system to do that. With postage as expensive as it is, emails are certainly a less expensive way to communicate, but with all the emails people get today, making the email of interest to students is not easy. All of this is a challenge and we are working towards improving our communications with students.

One of the enjoyments of a business owner and its employees is the enjoyment of working through new avenues and the creation of new products to better serve the company’s customer and potential new customers. All this leads to a more profitable company and a more enjoyable work environment for all.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School