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Where are we going in 2011?

- Dec 21, 2010      Archive

As we enter the New Year, we all ask, where is the real estate market going?
Those in the real estate school business ask, when is a real estate career a field one would want to enter?

Since is this is my blog I guess I should give my opinion. Personally I do believe that there has been an upturn in the real estate market today compared to last year at this time. It has been a small turn, but the turn has not been down. It certainly seems that 2010 has been better than 2009, but as we all know there is a continuous flow of homes being foreclosed upon and we all know of people that have quit making their house payments and aren’t even in the foreclosure process yet. So the flow of bad loans in the real estate market is certainly not over and this flow will continue, I believe, for the next couple of years. Once that foreclosure market inventory is used up, which will take a few years to accomplish, then we will see a settling of the real estate market.

What we all have to realize is that this real estate depression was not done over night, it took a couple of years to accomplish. So it will take a couple of years to pull out of it.

Well, if that is the vision of what is ahead, why get a real estate license you ask? That is really an easy question. Not since 1980-82 has the public needed a real estate agent as much as they do now. A professional real estate agent can help buyers find that dream home and help sellers sell their home, for the selling process certainly takes the true real estate professional agent to accomplish that endeavor into day’s market. The real estate order takers of the 2005 era have gone and the true professionals are still here.

A real estate agent’s career continues to be a rewarding career, both financially and emotionally for the satisfaction of helping someone find the home of their dreams or helping a family sell their home in this economy. All can be rewarding….as far as financially, prices of homes still are way up from where they were just 10 years ago. So the percentage of commission and the financial rewards are still very positive.

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School