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Which Method is Best for Me an Online Course or a Classroom Course?

- Feb 23, 2012      Archive

The big question many people is what course method of instruction is best? The answer to that question is really up to each individual because each person has a different set of needs, abilities and motivation.

So is there any documentation regarding which is best? Carol Ball, the Chair of the Hawaii Real Estate Commission, did a little article on distance learning. Carol was nice enough to forward me the article. Carol stated that the Hawaii Real Estate Commission test provider PSI, provided the Commission with some examination statistics, where PSI separated the classroom students’ exam takers from the online students’ test scores.

On the salesperson’s national portion of the state exam, 66% of the classroom students passed the first time where as 75% of the online students passed. On the state specific portion of the state exam, students taking the course in a classroom, 38% passed and for the online students, 50% passed.

I did notice in the statistics, even though online is becoming more and more popular, a majority of students in the study took the classroom course. In fact, the statistic on the PSI report showed roughly 25% of the students took online courses versus roughly 75% that took the course in a classroom setting. The highest number of online students was in the salesperson’s national course where 38% of the students were online students.

(I thank Carol Ball with Carol Ball Real Estate School in Hawaii for the information for this blog.)

Frank Cooke
Cooke Real Estate School