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Why One Needs Pre-License Real Estate Course?

- Aug 20, 2016      Archive

Good question! Here are the goals of state regulatory real estate agencies in requiring a pre-license course:

  1. To each the student the language of real estate. Every business and occupation has a jargon, ordinary words that convey ideas and meanings unique to the profession. How can you answer a question unless you know what you being asked?
  2. Any business that holds and deals with other peoples' money is going to be highly regulated. The real estate business is no exception.
  3. Regulatory agencies have a mandate from legislatures to protect the general public by limiting the issuance of real estate licenses to persons who can persons who can demonstrate an understanding of both state and federal laws controlling the real estate industry, and whose backgrounds promise a commitment to be ethically bound to lawful behavior.
What does this mean for students?

Laws are specific, but sometimes complex, and hardly read like a novel. Students must not only hold their attention to factual, dry material, but must also place these facts in memory. Dedication and persistence is the key.

BUT....the rewards of a successful career in real estate can be astounding. Students just cannot lose sight of their goal and just meet the challenge.