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You Can Pass the State Exam!!!

- May 14, 2019      Archive

There are a lot of things students can do to increase their odds to pass the State Exam. Here are a few points to remember:

1. Be positive, and realize that you do not have to score 100% on the state exam, you only need to pass. No brokerage firm is going to not hire you if you did not pass the exam the first time, for that matter, maybe even the 10th time.  In fact, in most states the exam provider does not tell you what your score was, only that you passed or failed.
2. On the exam there are going to be questions you do not know the answer to, so do not panic, reject those negative thoughts.
3. Every exam has easy questions and harder questions. To pass you certainly want to know the answers to the easy questions, which in most cases is the definition of terms.  Know the definitions of key term!!
4. In your preparations for the state exam, go over as many multiple-choice questions as you can.  Practice makes perfect, and practicing answering exam questions is imperative to accomplish that goal.
5. There is math in every real estate state exam, but not overly difficult math.  To answer a math question, take each math question in steps, this process makes discovering the solution much easier and more logical. If math is a not something you are comfortable with, there are some exam course materials to help you in this effort.  (Cooke Real Estate School has an excellent real estate math textbook for students in the school bookstore.)  Here is an important note regarding math. If you have trouble with math, you can still find success on the State Exam and you can even miss all the math questions and still pass, so do not fret over the math.
6. Get a good night rest before the exam, and get to the exam site early so you do not have to be rushed and show up late.

Frank Cooke