14 Hour CE Correspondence Course

Cooke's 14 Hour CE Course is now approved with the newly required 3 Hour Ethic Course, 3 Hour Law Course, and 8 Hour Specialty requirements. This course satisfies all license renewal dates.

Course Approval Letter: #0019285
School License: ZH1000576

Course Package (with E-book in PDF format)

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Course Package (with Companion book)

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How does this Correspondence Course work?
Cooke School has two different correspondence course options. 
  • Option 1: Upon registering the student will receive an email with their login to the online course and the PDF version of the textbook Florida Continuing Education for Florida Real Estate Professionals published by Dearborn

  • Option 2: Upon purchase for $24.95 of the paper textbook version of the Florida Continuing Education for Florida Real Estate Professionals published by Dearborn, the staff will mail the textbook by U. S. Mail.  
The textbook features:
  • A portion of the course meets the Florida Real Estate Commission¬ís 3-hour ethics requirements.
  • The textbook has progress practice quizzes throughout every chapter reinforcing key points. Answers and the reasons for the progress test questions are found in the Answer Key at the back of the textbook.
  • Case studies in each chapter provide real-world applications of core concepts.
  • Updated Web links provide important supplemental information on a variety of topics.
  • A "Forms-to-go" section with updated commonly used forms used by real estate professionals is available for students to use in their business.

Course Information

How does this program work?

(PDF E-book)
  1. Upon registration and payment, the student will receive a login email.
  2. To access the Course Page, the student can to the Cooke website and click on the 'Student Login' link that is placed on every page.
  3. Once the student is on the Course Page the textbook is in an Adobe PDF format at the top of their page.  The student can save the textbook on their computer or just access it each time from the Course Page.  The student can print the textbook once it has been downloaded to their device or they can use the Adobe search feature in digital form.
  4. Review the textbook thoroughly. Pay close attention to the Progress Questions throughout the textbook which will help students assess their knowledge of the material. To check students' answers, the student can refer Answer Key at the back of the textbook.
  5. To access the Exam, the student MUST access the AGREEMENT, which is required by FREC Rule 61J2, stating, "I certify that I personally completed this correspondence course and final examination without assistance from anyone". Once the Affidavit is complete, access to the exam becomes available.
  6. The Exam is made up of 30 multiple-choice questions. To pass you must score 80% or higher.
  7. After passing the Exam the student can report to the DBPR and download the completion certificate.
  8. Do not mail the Completion-of-Certificate to the state.  Keep it in a safe place in case you are audited by the DBPR.
  9. All the student needs to do is pay their renewal fee.  After the renewal fee is paid, Cooke School recommends students go on the DBPR website 24 to 48 hours after both certificate-of-completion is received and the license renewal fee is paid to make sure the license shows expiring in the next renewal cycle.

(Paper - Book)
  1. This course satisfies all the requirements to satisfy the 14-hour education renewal requirements. The course includes: 3 Hour Ethics Course; 2 Hour Law, 8-Hour Specialty
  2. Upon registration, the paper textbook is mailed to the student along with a paper exam.
  3. Review the textbook thoroughly. Pay close attention to the Progress Questions throughout the textbook which will help students assess their knowledge of the material. To check students' answers, the student can refer Answer Key at the back of the textbook.
  4. If the paper exam is used students can fax their answer sheet to 866-280-5948 or mail the answer sheet to the school for grading.
  5. Students must sign the Affidavit. "I agree..."
  6. Once the answer sheet is graded, the completion certificate will be mailed to the student
  7. Do not mail the Completion of Certificate to the state. Keep it in a safe place in case you are audited by the DBPR.
  8. Cooke School will report the student's completion to DBPR.

Course Outline

  • Chapters 1 - 14 are in the PDF or Textbook - Not Online
  • Chapter 1 - Florida Real Estate License Law Update
  • Chapter 2 - Escrow Accounts and Disciplinary Action
  • Chapter 3 - Other State and Federal Laws Affecting Real Estate
  • Chapter 4 - Business Ethics
  • Chapter 5 - Duties to Clients and Customers
  • Chapter 6 - Duties to the Public and Other Professionals
  • Chapter 7 - Real Estate Brokerage Relationships
  • Chapter 8 - Environmental Issues in Real Estate
  • Chapter 9 - Fair Housing
  • Chapter 10 - The Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Chapter 11 - Laws Regulating Real Estate Finance
  • Chapter 12 - Trends in Real Estate Financing
  • Chapter 13 - Contracts
  • Chapter 14 - Closing Real Estate Transactions
  • Final Exam - 30 Questions Multiple Choice (80% is passing, you can miss 6 questions)
Upon passing certificate can be downloaded or emailed to you and automatically reported on the DBPR website.

Instructor Support:
After you enroll, a licensed real estate instructor will be available for questions Monday through Friday between 8:30 A. M. and 5:00 P. M. EST. We encourage students to e-mail the instructor with questions regarding the On-Line course at With an e-mail to the instructor, the student will have a written document of the response. For questions by e-mail, there is a 24-Hour response time Monday through Friday. E-mails over Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday will be returned on the first business day.

Technical & On-line Course Overview:

Technical Issues: Please view the following items:
  • To experience the best results from a technical perspective on the course, please view the following RECOMMENDED SOFTWARE.
  • We recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your Web Browser: Download for PC and Mac
  • At this time we DO NOT recommend using the Microsoft Edge web browser.
  • Call TOLL FREE (800)943-9993 Monday through Friday 8:30 A. M. to 5:00 P.M. EST.
  • E-mail

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I forget my real estate course password, where can I find it?
    Please call the school at 1-800-943-9993 Monday - Friday between 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time, or send an email to
  • My video won't play.
    Check the Internet connection, and change the browser to Mozilla Firefox, some computers need to download Microsoft Silverlight. Or you may call the Cooke Real Estate School at 1-800-943-9993 Monday - Friday between 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • My score isn't showing up in the grade section.
    Refresh your browser, sometimes there is a very short delay.
  • Can I use my tablet?
    Tablets and Kindalls are not recommended because of connectivity issues and stability, especially for timed end-of-course exams.
  • Does the real estate license course work on all the platforms?
  • Once I log into my course page, do I have to log in each time using my username and password?
  • I watched the video course presentation but I still can't move forward, what do I do?
    Be sure to click on the 'SAVE AND RETURN' button, or simply refresh your page.
  • If I have a question regarding a quiz question(s), how can I get help?
    There are three different aspects of communication with the school: phone, email, or live chat. The school makes a big effort to respond within 24 hours if by email. On weekends and holidays, we also try to respond within 24 hours, sometimes it may be the next business day.
  • Once I register how quickly can I start?
    Upon registration, there are two emails sent to the student. One is a receipt and the other contains your username and password. Students can then access their Course Page right away and start the course.
  • All courses come with a real estate course textbook(s), should I wait until I have the book to start?
    Having a textbook is a VERY important part of the course, but you can certainly start without it. The school recommends waiting until you receive the companion textbook.
  • Is the course evaluation necessary for me to complete the course?
    Yes, the evaluation needs to be completed. The evaluation is mandated by ARELLO which is required by the state regulatory agencies. Any comment that you would like to make that we can post on our Testimonial page is very much appreciated.
  • Is a Student Affidavit required to be completed to obtain a certificate of completion?
    Yes, mandated by regulatory agencies.
  • What happens if I have technical issues?
    If you are having a technical issue, please call during regular business hours or email Cooke Real Estate School so we can determine what the issue is. If we can't solve it over the phone, we recommend allowing your tech staff to access your computer device, so we can see the same thing you are seeing. For students that are taking the course with an iPad or iPhone, our technicians will not be able to access those devices.