60 Hour Montana Broker Course

Cooke Real Estate School - A Real Estate Broker Licensing course offered online for Montana. State Approved, Self-Paced, Valuable Learning Tools, and Companion Textbooks are included with all packages. Obtaining a real estate agent license is just a click away.
This course has been certified by ARELLO
Certificate Number #4432
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Bronze Package

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  • Online License Course
  • Textbooks:
    • Real Estate Brokerage: A Management Guide
    • Candidate Handbook
    • Montana Board of Realty Regulations
    • Guild to Passing the PSI Real Estate Exam
    • Course Support Document
real estate brokerage a management guide 9th  montana candidate handbook  montana board of realty regulations  guide-to-passing-the-PSI-real-estate-exam  Support Document  language of real estate 8th

Silver Package

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  • All Items in the Bronze Package Included
  • Additional Textbook:
    • Mastering Real Estate Math
real estate brokerage a management guide 9th  montana candidate handbook  montana board of realty regulations  guide-to-passing-the-PSI-real-estate-exam  Support Document  language of real estate 8th mastering real estate math

Platinum Package

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  • All Items in the Silver Package Included
  • Additional Textbook:
    • Sales and Marketing 101
  • Extra Online Course - Sales and Marketing 101
real estate brokerage a management guide 9th  montana candidate handbook  montana board of realty regulations  guide-to-passing-the-PSI-real-estate-exam  Support Document  language of real estate 8th mastering real estate math sales and marketing 101 3rd  sales and marketing 101 Course

Purchase Information

Information needed to know before Purchasing the course:
  • There is no refund once the course is purchased.
  • This course is completely online. The course is not downloadable. The student can work through the course at their convenience.
  • This course is NOT designed to be printed for security purposes and copyright regulations.
  • Course Expiration - A student has six (6) months to complete the program. If the student’s course expires, the student will be offered three options to extend the course if necessary, up to a maximum of six months from the date of the course expiration. The date of expiration is at the top of the Course Page. For example if the registration date is January 1, 2023 the date of expiration is June 30, 2023 at Midnight (Eastern Standard Time).  If the course is not completed within the six (6) month time period, extension options are available for a fee.
  • Shipping - Shipping is FREE. The textbook(s) that are in the package the student selected will be mailed by U.S. Priority Mail. The postmaster advertises 2 to 3 day delivery. The companion textbook to the course is included in all packages, Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  • Login Information - Upon registration the student will receive two emails, one is a receipt for purchase and one has the student’s user name and password to access their Course Page. The link to the "Student Login" is at the top of every webpage.

Course Information

Information for Taking the course:
  • Login - The student can access their Course Page by going to the "Student Login" link which is located in the top corner of the website.
  • Sessions/ Chapters - The course is broken down into Sessions/Chapters. Each session corresponds to the chapters in the text book. To complete a session and move on to the next, you must finish the required assignments for that session. These assignments consist of watching the video presentation for the required amount of time, completing vocabulary matching exercises and passing the session quizzes.
    1. Video Presentation - This is a recorded video of our instructor going over the session with a power point presentation to help provide examples. There is a time requirement for each Session’s video presentation which needs to be watched in real time. Speeding the video up does not reduce the time requirement. To make sure time is recorded, click on the link at the top of the video SAVE AND RETURN.
    2. Vocabulary Matching - Each session has a vocabulary matching exercise where the student needs to score 100% (all words and definitions to be matched correctly) to complete the exercise.
    3. Session Quizzes
      • As the student works through the course, there is an assessment quiz after every video presentation. The quiz must be answered with 80% accuracy before that session can be marked complete.
      • Quizzes have a 3 to 1 ratio of questions, which means that if a student does not score 80% on any quiz, the student receives a second set of questions and if the student fails again to reach 80% on the second set of questions, the third set is issued. If the student fails the third set of questions, the first set is issued again. Students are encouraged to work through all the questions in the bank even though it’s not required. The time spent will be counted toward the total time required. (See seat-time below.)
  • Agreement - Once the student successfully completes the summary or practice exam a link to the Agreement becomes available. Every course requires the student to complete the "Agreement," which states the student completed the course on their own.

Seat time

  • Total Time Requirement - This course requires 3000 minutes for course completion. Seat-time requirement is a minimum time requirement NOT a maximum time. The videos need to be watched in real time and each presentation has a minimum time requirement. Once the minimum time requirement is met a green check is shown next to the video link. The time spent completing the quizzes, matching exercises; viewing text links and working on the supplemental quizzes are all counted in the time requirement too. The total time requirement is at the top of the page. Important Note: If a student leaves the Course Page inactive for 20 minutes the Course Page will record the time and shut down.
  • Non-movement of the mouse for more than 20 minutes will disengage the student from the course page.


  • Practice Exam - The course has a Practice Exam. The student needs to score at least 75% on the practice exam to move forward and complete the course. The practice exam has a 3 to 1 ratio of questions, and as explained previously all students are encouraged to work through all questions in the bank, and time spent will count towards the minimum time requirement.
  • Summary Exam - The course has a Summary Exam. The student needs to score a 70% on the summary exam to move forward and complete the course. The summary exam has 50 questions.

License Application Process

Education is good for 2 Years from the date of completion. The Licensing Process for the Broker License
  • Education and other requirements
    • Must be 18 years of age or older
    • High school graduation or equivalent
    • Completion certificate from this 60 Hour pre-license Broker course
    • Copy of PSI state exam completion
    • Competed State exam application.
  • Experience Requirement
    • Two years as a licensed Salesperson
    • Completion of the following criteria within 3 years of the date of application:
      • Minimum of 30 residential real estate transactions, or
      • Minimum of 10 commercial, agricultural or farm and ranch real estate transactions.
State Examination Information
  • The Montana Broker State Exam is composed of Simulated Exam questions so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with PSI’s: National Real Estate Broker Simulation Sample Examination
  • PSI has an excellent examples of a simulated exam compose of four scenarios:
    • Training and Supervision
    • Agency Relationships and Property Regulation
    • Handling Money
    • Fair Housing and Other Government Regulations
  • Included in your package is the PSI Montana Candidate Handbook.
    • Please read the handbook thoroughly especially pages 10-12 for they go over thoroughly the simulation exam process.
  • You must score an 80% or better on both the uniform and the state portions.

Course Outline

60 Hour Timeline for Montana Broker Course
  Session             Subject
Session 1 - The Challenge of Change
Session 2 - Leadership
Session 3 - Management Skills
Session 4 - Communication and Decision Making
Session 5 - Analyzing the Business Environments
Session 6 - Analyzing the Market
Session 7 - Developing a Plan
Session 8 - Structuring the Organization
Session 9 - Structuring the Business System.
Session 10 - Structuring the Finance
Session 11 - Business Policies and Procedures
Session 10 - Structure the Finances
Session 11 - Business Policies and Procedures
Session 12 - Marketing and Advertising
Session 13 - The Practical and Legal Realties of Staffing
Session 14 - Recruiting, Selecting and Hiring the Staff
Session 15 - Professional Competency
Session 16 - Coaching Performance
Session 17 - Monitoring Operations
Session 18 - Managing Risk
Montana State Specific
Session 1 – Montana Qualifications for Licensure
Session 2 – Montana Services of Real Estate
Session 3 – Montana License Law & Administration
Session 4 – Montana Brokerage Relationships
Session 5 – Montana Brokerage Operations
Session 6 – Montana Broker Agreements, Contracts and Advertising
Session 7 – Montana Ownership Interests & Legal Descriptions
Session 8 – Montana Property Management
Session 9 – Montana Residential Landlord and Tenant Law 1977
Summary Exam

Instructor Support:
After you enroll, a licensed real estate instructor will be available for questions Monday through Friday between 8:30 A. M. and 5:00 P. M. EST. We encourage students to e-mail the instructor with questions regarding the On-Line course at With an e-mail to the instructor, the student will have a written document of the response. For questions by e-mail, there is a 24 Hour response time Monday through Friday. E-mails over Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday will be returned the first business day. Also on each student page is a "Live Chat" link. When the live chat link shows "online" the student can ask the operator any questions they have. Cooke encourages communication with the school.

Technical & On-line Course Overview:

Technical Issues: Please view the following items:
  • To experience the best results from a technical perspective on the course, please view the following RECOMMENDED SOFTWARE.
  • We recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your Web Browser: Download for PC and Mac
  • At this time we DO NOT recommend using the Microsoft Edge web browser.
  • Call TOLL FREE (800)943-9993 Monday through Friday 8:30 A. M. to 5:00 P.M. EST.
  • E-mail at
  • Chat at the top of every webpage and Student Page.

Frequently asked Questions

  • If I forget my real estate course password, where can I find it?
    Please call the school at 1-800-943-9993 Monday - Friday between 8am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time, or send an email to
  • My video won't play.
    Check Internet connection, change browser to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, some computers need to download Microsoft Silverlight. Or you may call the Cooke Real Estate School at 1-800-943-9993 Monday - Friday between 8am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • My score isn't showing up in the grade section.
    Refresh your browser, sometimes there is a very short delay.
  • Can I use my tablet?
    Tablets and Kindall's are not recommended because of connectivity issues and stability, especially for timed-end-of-course exams.
  • Does the real estate license course work on all the platforms?
  • Once I log into my course page, do I have to login each time using my user name and password?
  • I watched the video course presentation but i still can't move forward, what do I do?
    Be sure to click on the 'SAVE AND RETURN' button, or simply refresh your page.
  • If I have a question regarding a quiz question(s), how can I get help?
    There are three different aspects of communication with the school: phone, email or live chat. The school makes a big effort to respond within 24 hours if by email. On weekends and holidays, we also try to respond within 24 hours, sometimes it may be the next business day.
  • Once I register how quickly can I start?
    Upon registration there are two emails sent to the student. One is a receipt and the other contains your user name and password. Students can then access their Course Page right away and start the course.
  • All courses come with a real estate course textbook(s), should I wait until I have the book to start?
    Having a textbook is a VERY important part of the course, but you can certainly start without it. The school recommends waiting until you receive the companion textbook.
  • Is the course evaluation necessary for me to complete the course?
    Yes, the evaluation needs to be completed. The evaluation is mandated by ARELLO which is required by the state regulatory agencies. Any comment that you would like to make that we can post on our Testimonial page is very much appreciated.
  • Is a Student Affidavit required to be completed to obtain a certificate of completion?
    Yes, mandated by regulatory agencies.
  • What happens if I have technical issues?
    If you are having a technical issue, please call during regular business hours or email Cooke Real Estate School so we can determine what the issue is. If we can't solve it over the phone, we recommend allowing your tech staff to access your computer device, so we can actually see the same thing you are seeing. Students that are taking the course with an iPad or iPhone, our technicians will not be able to access those devices.