Real Estate (Wisconsin)

72 Hour Wisconsin Real Estate Principles Course

The FIRST STEP to be a Wisconsin real estate agent. This online approved real estate license course provides video presentations, textbooks, and learning tools for one to find success not only on the course but the State Exam. Cooke knows, teaching real estate agents for 46 years.

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Wisconsin Real Estate Laws and Rules Course

This course is for students preparing to take the Wisconsin Real Estate Law State Exam.

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Guide to Passing the Pearson Vue Exam

Students and educators both share the same goal of seeing the student ultimately obtaining a real estate license. Unfortunately, not every student finds success initially. Passing the state exam can be a taller hurdle for some.
That is why we offer an additional course designed specifically for students taking the Pearson Vue exam for licensure. The Guide to Passing the Pearson Vue Real Estate Exam textbook is also provided. Video presentations for each Session, practice questions (with reasons), flash cards, and matching exercise for key terms that follow the Pearson Vue Exam outline covered within the student's Pearson Vue Candidate Handbook.

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Professional Development (Wisconsin)

Broker Management Course

This course is a guide to give one the fundamental principles of managing a brokerage business. The course helps give one the ability to analyze situations, and make decisions. This will help the student's vision of what they want their company to be.

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Essentials of Real Estate Investment Course

This course covers a blend of theory and practices that will help students navigate potential investment opportunities. The course explores investment trends, tax laws, regulations, and market conditions.

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Property Management Course

This course is perfect for brokers who want to enter or expand their business into the lucrative property management field. The course explores daily issues facing practitioners, such as maintenance, accounting, administrative, and legal activities.

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Essentials of Real Estate Finance

Understanding of real estate finance is essential for the real estate professional, because so much depends on the real estate licensee's understanding the process. The real estate licensed professional who does understand the financial process is more likely to achieve success and this course will help one do that.

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Real Estate Sales and Marketing 101

This course is to help newly licensees to get their real estate career off to a financial success. The course teaches the latest on real estate salesmanship and marketing. Plus units on technology, online marketing, and social media strategies.

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Commercial Real Estate Course

Commercial real estate brokerage is a very important profession within the real estate industry. In fact, there more avenues and more property types than residential real estate. This course gives step-by-step advice for getting started in different commercial real estate careers.

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