72 Hour Florida Real Estate Broker License Course

Cooke Real Estate School - A Real Estate Broker Pre-Licensing course offered online for Florida. State Approved, Self-Paced, Valuable Learning Tools, and Companion Textbooks are included with all packages. Obtaining a real estate agent license is just a click away.
DBPR's Division of Real Estate Course Approval Number: #0018300
School Approval Letter ZH1000576

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Bronze Package

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  • Online License Course
  • Textbooks:
    • Florida Broker Guide Textbook
    • Florida Statutes and Administrative Code Candidate Booklet
    • Florida Real Estate Broker Candidate Handbook
    • Florida Real Estate Law Book
real estate broker guide 8th  florida statutes and administrative code candidate booklet  florida real estate broker candidate handbook 2018  florida real estate law book

Silver Package

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  • All Items in the Bronze Package Included
  • Additional Textbooks:
    • Florida Real Estate Exam Manual
  • Extra Online Course - Florida Real Estate Exam Prep
real estate broker guide 8th  florida statutes and administrative code candidate booklet  florida real estate broker candidate handbook 2018  florida real estate law book florida real estate exam manual  florida real estate exam prep online course

Gold Package

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  • All Items in the Silver Package Included
  • Additional Textbooks:
    • Up and Running in 30 days
    • Mastering Real Estate Math
    • The Language of Real Estate
real estate broker guide 8th  florida statutes and administrative code candidate booklet  florida real estate broker candidate handbook 2018  florida real estate law book florida real estate exam manual  florida real estate exam prep online course up and running in 30 days 6th  mastering real estate math  language of real estate 8th

Platinum Package

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  • All Items in the Silver Package Included
  • Additional Textbook:
    • Sales and Marketing 101
  • Extra Online Course - Sales and Marketing 101
real estate broker guide 8th  florida statutes and administrative code candidate booklet  florida real estate broker candidate handbook 2018  florida real estate law book florida real estate exam manual  florida real estate exam prep online course up and running in 30 days 6th  mastering real estate math  language of real estate 8th sales and marketing 101 3rd  sales and marketing 101 Course

Purchase Information

  • Refund Policy - There is no refund once the course is purchased.
  • Online Course - The student can work through the course at their convenience.
  • Not printable - This course is NOT designed to be printed for security purposes and copyright regulations, nor is it downloadable.
  • Course Expiration - You have six (6) months to complete your course from the date of purchase. The date of expiration is located in the upper right-hand corner of your course page. If you are unable to complete your course within the allotted period (on the expiration date the course will end at midnight EST), there will be extension options available in two-month increments, with the maximum being 6 months (180 days). Courses will not be allowed to go over one year old. NO EXCEPTIONS. If your course is not complete at the maximum extension time, you may repurchase the course with a 10% discount offered.
  • Shipping - Companion textbook materials are included with each package. Shipping is FREE.
  • Login Information - Upon registration, the student will receive two emails, one is a purchase receipt, and one has the student’s user name and password to access their Course Page. The link to the "Student Login" is in red at the top of every page on our website.

Course Information

  • Login - The student can access their Course Page by going to the "Student Login" link which is located in the top corner of the website.
  • Sessions - Each session corresponds to the chapters in the textbook. To complete a session and move on to the next, you must finish the required assignments for that session.
    1. Video Presentation - This is a recorded video of our instructor going over the session with a PowerPoint presentation to help provide examples. There is a time requirement for each Session's video presentation which needs to be watched in real-time. Speeding the video up does not reduce the time requirement. To make sure time is recorded, click on the link at the top of the video SAVE AND RETURN. It is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox as your browser.
    2. Vocabulary Matching - A vocabulary matching exercise, where the student needs to score 100% by matching the key terms with its definition to complete the exercise.
    3. Session Quizzes - The quiz must be answered with 100 % accuracy. It may be taken as many times as needed to achieve the 100%.
  • Review Tab - There is a Review Tab at the top the Student's Course Page, which allows the student to review all work that they have completed. This makes it an ideal study tool.
  • Agreement - Once the student completes the summary or final exam, a link to the Agreement becomes available. Every course requires the student to complete the "Agreement" which states the student completed the course on their own.
  • Finishing Paperwork- Courses will provide finishing paperwork that will need to be sent to the school via fax or email as the final step of course completion.

Seat time

  • Seat-time Requirement: The course has a seat-time tracking system to let you know much time the student has spent on the course.  Florida license requirement is 72 hours, but Florida does NOT require seat time for distance learning courses.   So this tracking system is ONLY for the student's benefit.
  • Non-movement of the mouse for more than 20 minutes will disengage the student from the course page.


  • Practice Exam - The course has a practice exam if the state requires a final end-of-course exam. The student needs to score a 70% on the practice exam to move forward and complete the course.
  • Timed End-of-Course Exam - The final exam is a timed three-hour exam. The exam is multiple choice with four choices. The student must score a 70% or more on the end-of-course exam and the exam must be completed in one sitting.
    • Upon completing the end-of-course exam, the grade will be shown. If the student successfully passes the course exam with a score of 70% or better, access to the "Completion Certificate" is unlocked for the student to print out so they can take the completion certificate to the Pearson VUE exam center when they take their State Exam.
    • If the student fails the online end-of-course exam, the student has to wait at least thirty days or less than one year before the student can retake the end-of-course exam. The student can have access to review the course until the student takes the end-of-course exam again after the 30-day waiting period. If the student fails the second time the student will need to retake the course and the student will need to pay the full tuition fee again. PLEASE NOTE This requirement of needing to wait 30 days to retake the end-of-course exam is a requirement according to Florida Real Estate Commission Rule 61J2-3.008.
    • If a student fails the end-of-course exam the second time, the student will need to retake the course and pay again to receive a completion certificate.

License Application Process

License Application Process and Important Info for the State Exam:
The process to make an application to the state of Florida for the initial license process is the following:
  1. Cooke School recommends that, if at all possible, as soon as the student decides to take the sales associate license course or the broker license course, the student should make an application to the state. This can be accomplished by filling out the application online or printing the application out and mailing the application in with a check. Students can pay the application payment online by credit card.
    Here is the Link to the Broker application process which can be done on paper or online.
  2. Complete the application as honestly as you know how. DISCLOSE ALL.
  3. The applicant's Social Security number is required on the application.
  4. The application fee to the state of Florida is $83.75 for a Salesperson and $91.75 for Broker.
  5. All license applicants must have their fingerprints taken to be approved to take the state exam. The total fee charged to complete this process varies by each vendor but at Pearson VUE locations the fee is $49.91, but reservations are necessary, call 1-877-238-8232. Here is the important "Electronic Fingerprinting Information" for all students to read. Pearson VUE has centers for fingerprinting and exam locations all over Florida: The link to locations are on the right side of the website.
  6. Out-of-state applicants, please review the Electronic Fingerprinting Information link above for directions.
  7. Where do I get the ORI number to submit to the fingerprint vendor? The following professions require the submission of electronic fingerprints as a part of the licensure application. The ORI number identifies the correct profession and the agency that is responsible for processing your request. The ORI numbers are indicated next to each profession. Real Estate Sales and Brokers - FL920010Z
  8. In scheduling the state exam, students MUST have their Entity Number. The nine-digit Entity Number is located on the letter of approval that students will obtain from the DBPR regarding being approved to take the State Exam. Many times students can find out if they are approved before receiving the letter by going to this link: If the student finds they are approved before they received the letter, they can call 850-487-1395 to get their Entity Number.
  9. After you have completed the course, check this link to determine if your application is approved. APPLICATION STATUS LINK
  10. The fee to take the State Exam is $36.75
  11. Here is a link to Florida’s Broker Candidate Handbook with lots of information for the real estate broker candidate preparing to take the State Exam for licensure. On pages 4-7, there is an outline of the content of the State Exam and how many questions come from each subject.

Course Outline

Outline for the 72-Hour Broker Pre-License Course
   Session                 Subject
Session 1 - Becoming A Licensed Real Estate Broker
Session 2 -.Opening a Real Estate Office
Session 3 - Owning, Managing, and Supervising a Real Estate Office
Session 4 - Escrow Management
Session 5 - Office Inspections and The Disciplinary Process
Session 6 - Overview of Real Estate Valuation
Session 7 - Sales Comparison, Cost Depreciation & Income Approach
Session 8 - Comparative Market Analysis
Session 9 - Basic Business Appraisal
Session 10 - Brokerage Relationship
Session 11 - Contracts
Session 12 - Financing Real Estate
Session 13 - Closing Real Estate Transactions Extra Closing Statement
Session 14 - Federal Income Tax Laws Affecting Real Estate
Session 15 - Investment Real Estate
Session 16 - Zoning & Planning, Subdividing of Land Estate Transaction
Session 17 - Environmental Concerns Affecting Real Estate Transactions
Session 18 - Property Management
Practice Exam
Timed End-of-Course Exam

Instructor Support:
After you enroll, a licensed real estate instructor will be available for questions Monday through Friday between 8:30 A. M. and 5:00 P. M. EST. We encourage students to e-mail the instructor with questions regarding the On-Line course at With an e-mail to the instructor, the student will have a written document of the response. For questions by e-mail, there is a 24-Hour response time Monday through Friday. E-mails over Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday will be returned on the first business day.

Technical & On-line Course Overview:

Technical Issues: Please view the following items:
  • To experience the best results from a technical perspective on the course, please view the following RECOMMENDED SOFTWARE.
  • We recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your Web Browser: Download for PC and Mac
  • At this time we DO NOT recommend using the Microsoft Edge web browser.
  • Call TOLL FREE (800)943-9993 Monday through Friday 8:30 A. M. to 5:00 P.M. EST.
  • E-mail

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I forget my real estate course password, where can I find it?
    Please call the school at 1-800-943-9993 Monday - Friday between 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time, or send an email to
  • My video won't play.
    Check the Internet connection, and change the browser to Mozilla Firefox, some computers need to download Microsoft Silverlight. Or you may call the Cooke Real Estate School at 1-800-943-9993 Monday - Friday between 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • My score isn't showing up in the grade section.
    Refresh your browser, sometimes there is a very short delay.
  • Can I use my tablet?
    Tablets and Kindalls are not recommended because of connectivity issues and stability, especially for timed end-of-course exams.
  • Does the real estate license course work on all the platforms?
  • Once I log into my course page, do I have to log in each time using my username and password?
  • I watched the video course presentation but I still can't move forward, what do I do?
    Be sure to click on the 'SAVE AND RETURN' button, or simply refresh your page.
  • If I have a question regarding a quiz question(s), how can I get help?
    There are three different aspects of communication with the school: phone, email, or live chat. The school makes a big effort to respond within 24 hours if by email. On weekends and holidays, we also try to respond within 24 hours, sometimes it may be the next business day.
  • Once I register how quickly can I start?
    Upon registration, there are two emails sent to the student. One is a receipt and the other contains your username and password. Students can then access their Course Page right away and start the course.
  • All courses come with a real estate course textbook(s), should I wait until I have the book to start?
    Having a textbook is a VERY important part of the course, but you can certainly start without it. The school recommends waiting until you receive the companion textbook.
  • Is the course evaluation necessary for me to complete the course?
    Yes, the evaluation needs to be completed. The evaluation is mandated by ARELLO which is required by the state regulatory agencies. Any comment that you would like to make that we can post on our Testimonial page is very much appreciated.
  • Is a Student Affidavit required to be completed to obtain a certificate of completion?
    Yes, mandated by regulatory agencies.
  • What happens if I have technical issues?
    If you are having a technical issue, please call during regular business hours or email Cooke Real Estate School so we can determine what the issue is. If we can't solve it over the phone, we recommend allowing your tech staff to access your computer device, so we can see the same thing you are seeing. For students that are taking the course with an iPad or iPhone, our technicians will not be able to access those devices.